Sunday, September 20, 2009

Test Time!

Brian took the DAT a few weeks ago and did awesome on it! He studied so hard for months so thankfully it paid off. He has 4 interviews scheduled so far and hopefully a few more will come. The exciting part is one of his interviews is here at Baylor! We love living here and would hate to move again but if so, then that would be ok! Here is a picture of a poster Marcie and the kids made for Brian the night before his test.
In case you can't read it here is what it says-

We know you've been getting ready for that whatchamacallit test and have worked extra hard! You're not an airhead, nerd, lemonhead, or dum dum, but we know you are a smartie. Now and later you will only hear a symphany of cheers from us. You won't get a zero and someday you will make a hundred grand. You may hit a sour patch but you will always have us as your lifesavers! Mounds of hugs and kisses!! Love Everyone


Abbie said...

YAY! Congrats! That is awesome. They would be great if you could just stay there. And Baylor is an awesome school. And I would get to see you when we come back to visit. Good luck with the interviewing!

Julie said...

We're so happy for you! Congratulations from me and Chad!

Mauri said...

We are thrilled to hear it went well and that the interviews are coming in...what a blessing! Congratulations and good luck as the next adventure (aka WAITING PERIOD....) begins!! Can't wait to see where life takes (or keeps) you!

marykaye said...

So GREAT! we're really excited for you! Congrats on getting through such a huge test and can't wait to see what comes next!