Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cash and McCall soccer

So this is how we spend most of our Saturdays. All 4 kids are playing soccer and McKenna is also playing volleyball for the first time! It is so fun for us to watch games all day but in this Texas heat it can be kinda tiring. (That's why I'm rooting for volleyball!)

So if you watch this video of Cash playing you will see what happens pretty much the whole game. Not to brag or anything but... he is pretty darn good!

McCall is so stinkin' cute it doesn't matter how good she is! She actually scored a goal yesterday so that was fun but pretty much she wanted to go home cause she was hot and tired.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCall Turns Three!!

McCall with her new princess bike!

McCall's friends enjoing cake!

I can not remember any of my kids at three being as excited for there birthday as McCall. She has been eagerly awaiting this day for at least a month now! We had a family celebration last night where she opened gifts from us and Grandparents. Which she loved everything..Thankyou! And then this afternoon she spent a fun afternoon at the park with some friends to celebrate again! What a fun and exhausting day for her (and Mom!) Is it just me or are all birthday parties tons of work even when you try to make them easy? Thanks to all of her friends for making her day so special!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


McCall also had her very first ballet class today with Miss Lisa. She loved it and has been showing us everything she learned all day! We don't stay and watch so hopefully she behaved, but who knows this is McCall.

My pictures didn't turn out very well so I will take more next week and hopefully do a better job.

Cash's first day of preschool

Cash's first day of preschool! He loves going to school where he and his friend Samual are the only boys! Last year there was only one girl so I 'm sure his teachers are expecting a much calmer class.